i am in a forest of cream. my feet sink into sopping wet puddles of deliciousness with every step forward…all around me are trees of sugared caramel all covered in sweet lace burnt amber leaves…i see a volcano explode from afar-at first i am frozen with terror but then i remember that i am a magic child and i have the ability to freeze the lava flames and turn them into sugar! i walk across the creamy forest up to the frozen lava flame and crack off a piece, popping it onto my tongue- sublime! i notice at the bottom of the sugar flame a melted pool of caramel connects it to the earth…i dip my finger in for a taste and i am at the county fair now eating the greatest caramel apple on a stick- perfection! i notice two hummingbirds sitting on the shoulders of a younger mark twain as he licks the caramel off the bottom of his brulee… and for the first time the idea of huckleberry finn pops into his mind and he smiles with the knowledge of future success. he notices me and holds up his brulee in a “cheers” gesture- which i return- thrusting my brulee high into the air in mutual celebration. ladies and gentleman we have found the standard to which all brulee shall be held up to and judged against- the fabulous creation of pastry chef angela reynolds at nashville’s miel restaurant.


shown here: the volcanic brulee de miel!

Thursday, January 13th, 2011 at 4:00 pm
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  1. cheffreddy Says:

    YEA ! ANGELA….. I give 166669887654675457.00 logs !

  2. General Custard Says:

    I haven’t seen Cream burn that well since Ginger Baker lit up a Thai stick outside Royal Albert Hall circa 1968.

  3. General Custard Says:

    I forgot to add my logs to the fire: 1400020234 and 3/16ths of a log. This entry, much like the Brulee from which it refers, is most well done!

  4. Al Pal Says:

    i, too, have found a brûlée that conjures visions of a young Twain… of the joy and wonder one feels when putting on Huck Finn-colored glasses… of the sweetest goodnesses in a land abundant in all sort of ‘nesses!

    how can i share? may i have access to throw my own log on the cremebrulog?!

  5. mham Says:

    that’s a very nice looking brulee, and the fact that it comes with fresh figs is so terrific i can’t hardly believe it. what is the pink frosty looking thing beside the raspberry?

  6. Yokesum Says:

    Hi, try Pravda in Prague. The wild blueberry compute is served besides excellent creme brûlée. We travel all over and especially in France and use creme brûlée as our index of good food and desserts. We think the guys at Pravda have cracked it.

  7. derek sayer Says:

    I second the vote for Pravda in Prague, one of the best creme brulées I have ever tasted–with or without the compote (which is seasonal).

  8. keithk Says:

    Great blog guys! I, too, have always ordered and used creme brulee as the standard over all other desserts should be measured. Kudos to your love of the sweet, creamy intoxicating delight! If you ever want to have a discussion on air about creme brulee and your music please reach me at wdiy.org in Bethlehem Pa (near Philly). We’ll chat on ‘The Blend’, my radio programme. Thanks guys.

  9. anna Says:

    oh my god yes.

  10. kelly Says:

    oh man, why did i have to see this awesomeness?! i’m gonna try to not burn the crap out of my hands remaking this fun.

  11. Donna Says:

    The Ryland Inn has creme brulee featuring cardamom. Best dessert ever.

  12. Donna Says:

    The Ryland Inn’s creme brulee with cardamom is the best I’ve ever had.

  13. Kenny Says:

    creme bru-HEY!

  14. Michael Robinson Says:

    Awesome blog guys. I wish to compete. I do believe I can make a brulee that rivals the best of them.

  15. DeathSpeculum Says:

    If the first brulee reviewed already has an “infinite” rating, doesn’t that kind of render all subsequent brulee reviews irrelevant?

  16. Jim James & M. Ward Launch Crème Brûlée Blog - Stereogum Says:

    […] in reality it seems simply that dudes went to the Miel restaurant in Nashville, had Chef Angela Reynold’s admittedly wondrous looking dessert (pictured above, in the blog’s first post), decided over however many rounds of their […]

  17. Powersauce Says:

    As per your rating system, if i subtract 1 from this review, would the new score be “penultimate”?

  18. Cookieknits Says:

    I weep with joy! I thought I was alone in the world, traveling from restaurant to restaurant throughout the land, eating desserts at hidden inns and big city nightspots, small hideaways, anywhere that the brulee might be on the menu. Sometimes suffering the pain of the curdled custard, the agony of the broiled crunchy stuff rather than flamed.
    All in pursuit of the one creme brulee that matched in real life the one in my childhood memory from The Pump Room in Chicago. Were there raspberries on it? I don’t remember. Was there an entire half pint of heavy cream in it. It seems there was.
    But, that’s neither here nor there.
    The point is, I am NOT alone. I have compatriots.
    I would kiss the ground you walked on, but I would get dirt in my mouth, and it would confuse my palate.
    Bless you. Bless you.

  19. Uni-Tom Says:

    Great to see this site! I too have been on a long-term quest to find the best creme brulee in the world, and have been lucky enough to have frequent work travel to underwrite my quest. For the longest time, my personal top choice was from a very unlikely place, the Queen Anne Manor in Bracknell, England. Haven’t been there in awhile, though, so not sure if it’s still great. My current Best in World honors go to the praline creme brulee at K-Paul’s Louisiana Kitchen, in the French Quarter of New Orleans. Just amazing creaminess and consistency, always perfect shell on top, and a hidden surprise of caramel praline sauce at the bottom. Give it a try!

  20. Linsey Says:

    Jacques-Imo’s, in New Orleans (the town where Cami lives) has really good crème brûlée.

  21. Linsey Says:

    Also Andrew, sorry Andrew.

  22. Spencer Says:

    if you are in philly, stop by Bibou and try the Goat Cheese Vanilla Creme Brulee…..


  23. TenaciousP Says:

    Next time you’re in Austin, TX, you can try the best creme brulee for the money….the Central Market brand creme brulee is fantastic and only $3.99!

  24. ansel watrous-stone Says:

    http://www.MogisAndOberstOnMoouse.com | the interweb’s #1 news source on all things antlered, hair gel & chocolate mouse (coming in 2014)

    next time you’re in nyc, i’d love to see how bourdain’s brule @ les halles stack’s up..

  25. A whirlwind of wonderful restaurant visits | Lesley Eats Says:

    […] for the trio of pots de creme, which I assume were prepared by pastry chef Angela Reynolds (who has celebrity fans). Even the capuccino flavor–not really a favorite of mine–was delicious. It just feels […]

  26. Superkokken Says:

    This is nice.
    Greetings from Superkokken in Norway

  27. Zanobia Says:

    This is wonderful! It is so nice to know I am not the only one who searches the ends of the Earth to find the perfect cream brulee! I have tried hundreds of examples. If it is on the menu, I order it, even before I choose my entree. So far the best I have found is in Big Sur at Deetjen’s. The perfect combination and constancy of cream and vanilla, topped with the precise thickness of crackling, golden sugar I love. Mmmm… Well, I know where I’m going to dinner tonight!

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  29. JMFP Says:

    For the record I created the brûlée and taught AR. Get your facts right. I only say because I know AR would feel uncomfortable getting credit for something she didn’t create. However I will add she has made more of them than me. The custard recipe belongs to ” The Best Recipe” . I used their recipe because it’s well researched and fits the American palate.

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