here at creme bru log we have developed a ratings system that should be fairly simple and easy to use, thus enabling readers to know where any certain brulee stands in our minds from time to time. here’s how it works:

-each brulee reviewed will recieve a certain amount of “logs.” think of these logs as “stars,” “points,” or “thumbs” in other reviews you may read. for instance- “joe so and so gave this new film 4 stars.” there is no finite number to the ammount of logs that can be given, with infinite logs being the highest rating possible.

-here at cremebrulog we want to give our readers a voice too, therefor the ammount of logs can be subdivided, added to, or subtracted from by readers until the end of time, or the internet, whichever happens first. at that point god hisself will do the math to determine the true winner of all time creme brulee championship 96! for example:

1.lets say m. ward reviews a brulee and gives it 135700655789 logs. then lets say some reader disagree’s and decides they want to subtract 27638490 logs from m’s review. the log score would then be 135673017299. but if the reader agreed with m’s review they could add logs as well, thus making it a higher overall log score.

2.this will go on thruout the ages- until the end of time, or the end of the internet, whichever should happen first.

3.THEN as the world is ending god will tally up the total points- thus giving us the true champion brulee of all time!